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"My mission is to help people all around the world to reach a comfortable weight and then maintaining it"

Mathias Johansson, General Manager, DietGuild


DietGuild was created in 2005 for one reason - I needed a way to track my diet and weight and the relationship between them.
One day I realized that I needed to lose some weight, like so many others, and I wanted to try something new this time so I started thinking about what I would like to try.
I came up with the following list:
  • Track my weight and other measures such as my waist and thighs etc.
  • To set goals with my diet and see how I progress against them.
  • Dieting can be hard sometimes so I needed something that lets me diet together with others. Maybe we could even fight together towards common goals?
  • I wanted to become more aware of foods and what kind of nutrition they contain as well as the amount of calories of course.
  • Earlier diet attempts had taugth me that the beginning is easy but continuing is harder. Therefore I needed a way to analyze what happens in my life when things are starting to go wrong. Some kind of diary perhaps... but also a way to see clear relationships between if I get sick one week, then what happens to my weight? If I change my breakfast and start eating an orange instead of a biscuit, how does this affect my weight over the course of a month? It was clear that I needed a way to record what kind of foods that I was eating every day.
  • If I could meet new friends and get to know them and spend time with them it would be a great bonus.
All these ideas kept spinning around in my mind and finally I decided to create Dietguild.com since I figured that a web site would be perfect for this and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. I intend to keep developing this site with whatever new ideas that pop up and also what the users wants me to create.

Lets get healthy together!

Mathias Johansson - creator of Dietguild.com and its first user

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