Diary of Linda

2006-05-22 - another blah day
it is the stressful times I am having most problems with. Fighting with my kids, frustrations over work and money. I keep telling myself at least I don't have the added cost of ciggarettes and fast food on top of it all. I did not add everything I ate in the middle of the night last night, though it was probably a whole day's worth of calories by itself. I will go check my weight here shortly and see how far off I am then.
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2006-05-21 - Blah
I am disapointed that I went so far under my calorie intake yesturday. I know it is not healthy to eat much less that 1200 calories per day. After eating virtually nothing but snacks throughout the day off and on and then pigging out on dinner and more snacking before bed most of my life, I am so not used to eating 3 meals per day with an occational snack. *I know it is healthier, I know it is what I need to do, and some days it is just hard to force myself. Today is one of those days as well, I just got up and all I want to do is have my coffee and nothing more. But I know if I do I am just going to nibble all day and not eat anything healthy.
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2006-05-20 - Day Two
Yesturday was hard, trying not to eat all the time while I am quiting smoking. But I know I can do this without putting on a ton of weight,a nd plan to actualy loose weight while I do it.
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2006-05-19 - Just starting out
This is the first day I am using the site here to help me keep track of my eating. I just quit smoking today, so I am hoping this helps me keep the weight off as well s loose some in the process.
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