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2009-01-08 - Happy new year!

Now it is time to once again start a famous diet! Who will join the train this time?
Use DietGuild for free and track your diet.

Good luck!

2007-05-30 - June is coming!

Hello dieters!
The nice month of June is approaching. Now a big part of the western world is struggling hard to get into shape so that they might even be able to show up at the beach later in the summer
A lot of panic, a lot of anxiety. What to do to lose those pounds?
Why not start a new goal in Diet Guild and see it through?
That's what I am doing myself

Come and join me!

2007-04-23 - Summer is approaching

The summer is soon upon us and so it is time to show off those nice dieting results
that have been accomplished during the cold season.
Perhaps not for lots of people. Me myself am trying to get in some shape as well.
As always it is a question of discipline and hard work.

We still have one month to get in good shape so join us and lets do it together!

2006-06-11 - New members

There are a lot of new members that have come to us the last month.
Since DietGuild is still not finished it is very nice for us to get some feedback from you.
Is there something you are missing, something that is not clear, something you need help with?
Then please go to the forum and let us know and we'll do our very best to adjust to your needs.

Have a nice day everyone!

2006-05-31 - America's Top Health Concerns

A new article, America's top health concerns has been posted.
Read it HERE

2006-05-24 - Summer is coming

The summer is approaching quickly in some parts of the world. This also means that many people that are overweight are getting more and more stressed about their weight.
Maybe that miracle diet didn't work after all?

Maybe you just couldn't resist those pieces of chocolate?

Maybe you've skipped the jogging sessions too many times?

At these times it is good to remember that reaching a healthy weight is a journey which will turn into a new lifestyle.
The hectic crazy periods where you lose a lot of weight can never succeed if you afterwards go back to your old habits again.
This is bad for your health and will most probably make you gain a little extra weight each time you try it.

What should you do instead?
I suggest that you join Diet Guild and start taking control of your weight and other parts of your life that might need an enhancement.

Come join us today while this service is still free!

2006-04-26 - Diet Goals

When your goal time has been reached an analysis of your accomplishment is now presented
when you view the goal.
It is a summary of how well you did and can for example serve as a reminder of the goal.

2006-04-14 - Happy easter!

Dietguild would like to wish all its members a happy Easter!
Eat lots of nice food and try to take a walk after dinner to reduce the
potential higher calorie intake.
Easter only comes once per year so make it a good one
In a balanced diet with moderate amounts of exercise you can surely
eat some extra food this weekend.

2006-04-08 - Trying to lose weight? Bring back breakfast

A new article, Trying to lose weight? Bring back breakfast has been posted.
Read it HERE

2006-04-06 - Separating Fat from Fiction: Fat is No Foe

A new article, Separating Fat from Fiction: Fat is No Foe has been posted.
Read it HERE

2006-04-05 - Public Diaries

Today we launch Public Diaries. If you feel that what you write in your diary
can be of use for other people or if you simply want to share your daily life
with others then this is for you. The whole world will be able to read your diary!

For privacy reasons this is disabled per default. If you want to enable it then go to:
My Profile - Settings
and check the Enable Public diary checkbox under the Diary Settings section.

2006-03-27 - Diet diaries are now upgraded to personal blogs

Registered members can now give comments to a person's diary in a
blog like fashion. This makes it worth your while to keep writing down
your daily events and thoughts.

Perhaps you cover your diet, your personal life or maybe your work situation?

This is a great way to let others follow your weight loss and path to a healthy life!

Start today

2006-03-27 - 9 steps for a successful diet

A new article, 9 steps for a successful diet has been posted.
Read it HERE

2006-03-23 - Diary

You are now able to share your diary with all your friends.
This is fun since it gives you an indepth look into your friends
lives at a personal level.

To allow/disallow friends from reading your diary,
go to My Friends and check/uncheck Can read my diary
for the friend in question.

The diaries are available under the My Calendar menu item.

2006-03-20 - Message inbox and sent box

Today the messaging center has been enhanced with an inbox
and a sent box.

This way you can better keep track of the messages that
you send and receive.

2006-03-18 - Attach photos to your goals

Now you are able to attach a before and after
photo to your goals so that you can clearly see
your progress as you work through your different goals.

Try it out as this can work wonders for your self motivation!

2006-03-01 - Add photos

Now you are able to upload photos. See the My Profile
item and choose the Photos sub menu item.
This can be used to store before-after pictures for example
or other pictures that you feel are appropriate for your
weight loss efforts.

2006-01-21 - Find a diet friend

The Find a diet friend has come online.
This is the place where you can put your
dieting ads to find new friends that you can
lose weight together with.

Furthermore, you can also reply to other members
ads if that is more what you feel like.

Try it out

2005-12-20 - My Goals

Just in time for christmas the My Goals page has been put online.
This is where you can define and track all your diet goals,
it is not limited to weight loss though,
you can track many different things here.
Do check it out!

2005-12-10 - Add a photo to your Profile

Now you are able to add a nice photo to your profile.
Click on the My Profile menu item and follow the instructions there.

2005-11-05 - Friends and Forums

Each member has their own private Forum.
Now you will be able to see and participate in your friends private forums as well.
Note that you can only see the private forums of your friends and not the other members.

2005-11-04 - Friends and Meals

Now friends will see each other meals on the My Meals menu item.
This is a great way to share recipes and nutritious meals with each other.

2005-10-31 - My Friends

The menu item My Friends is now online.
Here you will see and manage all the new friends
that you get in Diet Guild.

2005-10-30 - Message Center

A message center has been added.
This can be used to send and receive message to/from other members.
Please try it out and comment on it.

2005-10-14 - Introduction

Hi and welcome to Diet Guild!

Here we'll post news and other information continously so
make sure that you stop by from time to time.

Start to lose weight today!

Register for free now!


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