9 steps to achieve weight loss

by: Mathias Johansson

1. Find out why you eat too much. Get a note book and during one week you write down all situations and events that have affected you in some way. What did you think about them and how have they affected your eating the last week?

2. Set realistic goals regarding how much weight you want to lose. Since every day is different it is interesting to notice that even if you are losing weight your weight will vary with time. Some days its up some days its down. This is also why many recommend that you shouldn't check your weight every day, perhaps once a week is better.

3. Weigh your food the first week. Many obese persons have lost track of what is a good sized portion of food. For example, a woman that want to lose weight should each day eat 150 gram of carbohydrates, 180 gram of protein, five deciliters of diary products, five tea spoons fat and three fruits. On top of this unlimited amounts of vegetables.

4. Identify false and negative life rules such as "I can't lose weight" or "I am not good enough". Instead replace them with positive ones.

5. Strengthen your self image and self confidence. Soak up others apprecation, think positively about yourself, dare to strech boundaries and expose what you feel is beautiful with your body.

6. Change your negative thinking patterns. Negative thoughts leads to negative actions - and eating too much. Question them - where do they come from? Are they reasonable? Train yourself to notice the positive events in your daily life.

7. Become the boss of your own life. Do you look at yourself as helpless or a victim? Perhaps because overweight runs in the family? Surely weight can have to do with genetics but only you can do something about it.

8. Set limits and learn to say no. You are the star in your life, respect your own needs. If you feel great then so will the people around you.

9. Negative stress will often make you feel like you need to eat sweets which will make you overweight. Control your stress. Decide how to divide your energy. Prioritize and organize your work assignments. Also, exercise reduces stress.

If you follow these nine steps it will be much easier to lose that extra weight that you have been carrying around.

Good luck!